Have Us Build Your Custom Teardrop Trailer

We call them: The Urban Refugee*

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NOTE: Although in our options page we do not mention an option for a heater, we can install a diesel powered heater upon request. This can be done before trailer completion or at a later date.

How do we explain our custom build options?

This is where it gets interesting. Our Urban Refugee* trailer is constructed using a template of our own design. We fabricate the entire build from the ground up. Operating at this skill level we can easily take a concept idea and make it a functioning reality. In some  cases "touches" can be made without inflating overall cost of build.

Why do we built to order?

Keeping with the history of Teardrop Trailers, It will always be the personal touches that makes a teardrop unique. On a build to order platform we can better implement customer ideas to personalize their custom build.



Click here for our options page.



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